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Jumbo 500 5cm Speed Ramp 10MPH (Pair)

£42.50 ex. VAT

An exceptionally tough speed ramp made from 100% recycled material, that is available in two heights, 500mm and 750mm 500mm x 400mm for 10mph and 4mph zones respectively.

Each Section has an integral interlocking facility for ease of siting and installation.

Each inner section has incorporated white reflectors for extra visibility.

Hose/Cables Channel
40mm x 25mm channel on the underside allowing for hose/cables to be located in.

Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes
All sections are pre-drilled ready for inserting relevant bolt for specific road surface, i.e. concrete or asphalt.

Branding Area
120mm x 60mm area allowing for a clients name to be embossed.

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